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“What is your passion?” “What do you want to leave your kids when they grow up?” I have asked myself these questions for the past two years. I toyed around with a few ideas and yet, every time I changed my mind or stayed up late at night I always had a book in hand. That’s when I got a great idea to open up a bookstore. After months and months of research, Legacy BookBar was born. 


I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD and I have 3 wonderful kids and a loving husband. Growing up, I watched my mom and dad read book after book. They read everything from Stephen King's IT to John Henrik Clark's Christopher Columbus & the Afrikan Holocaust: Slavery & the Rise of European Capitalism. No subject was taboo or off limits. 


At the age of 15, I remembered reading my first romance novel and seeing people who look like me on the cover was amazing! In 1995, I went to the mall with my mom to see if there were other novels written by people of color. When I couldn’t find any, I asked the sales associate and she directed me to the back of the store. In deciding on what I wanted to do with my life, I remembered that moment. I decided we will no longer be shelved in the back of the store. Legacy BookBar is a place where people of color will shine bright through the entire store. 

Legacy BookBar is where dreams turn into reality! 


Legacy BookBar

Manina Beale-Bush


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