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A Toxic Love Affair (Volume 2)

A Toxic Love Affair (Volume 2)

SKU: 978-1519743879

They say once a good girl is gone she's gone forever and if you thought part 1 threw you for a loop you then get ready to do figure 8's this go around. Belinda sets out on a mission to destroy all her child hood so-called friends that have betrayed her. She has no boundaries or limits to her destruction. She has intentions on making each and every one of them pay. She has masterminded a plan that will eventually cause her to self-destruct in the worst way! Being disloyal to Belinda will cost them everything. Everybody likes to play but nobody wants to pay! Meanwhile, Daniel finally opens himself up to love again after going through his messy divorce with his scandalous ex-wife Candace. But that won't last for too long when a jealous Candace gets wind of the relationship she throws a monkey wrench trying to exhaust him of all hope. Poor Daniel is stuck cleaning up the mess Tyrone created. Find out if Tyrone and Daniel's friendship survive the aftermath when Daniel gets wind to what Belinda is up to and he feels responsible for her trifling ways. Shocked is an understatement as to how he feels about a woman he once had so much respect for. Read and see just how more toxic these relationships become!


    Author: Stacey Fenner

    152 pages

    Published: October 2015

    Unique Penn Publishing


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