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A Toxic Love Affair (Volume 3)

A Toxic Love Affair (Volume 3)

SKU: 978-1533083135

These toxic relationships will take it to another level of trifling in this final installment of the Toxic Love Series. Tyrone takes a trip back down memory lane and reunites with his drug addicted mother on a quest to find out who his father is. After hooking up with Dana, Daniel’s sister, Tyrone decides to turn in his player card and be a father to all of the children that he has fathered, but karma has a funny way of landing right back in his lap. Getting what he gave in life; will trouble from the past overcome him? Daniel relocates back to Atlanta to be with Shaunda, the woman that he plans on spending the rest of his life with, but an unexpected visitor will come along and be the interruption of everything. Meanwhile, Shaunda reveals another side of herself that has Daniel questioning her pure existence. As Daniel’s hatred toward his ex-best friend, Mr. Tyrone himself, grows after he learns of the secret relationship of Tyrone and Dana. Sheree and Calvin’s marriage is on the rocks once again because of Sheree’s obsession in finding Belinda to seek revenge. Sheree bites off more than she can handle when another secret of hers is revealed. Belinda makes her way back to the states and right back into the arms of her protector, Troy. But of course not without a twist to her madness. Rivals will come face to face when a funeral places everyone in the same location…but who will meet their untimely demise?


    Author: Stacey Fenner

    186 pages

    Published: May 2016

    Unique Penn Publishing


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