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A Twisted Love

A Twisted Love

SKU: 978-0692980095

Audrina “Red” Wilson is a beautiful Detroit middle-class girl trying to build her career path in North Carolina. She’s a student at Capital City State University in Raleigh who spends her summer vacation fulfilling her internship requirement in Atlanta. She’s got her eyes on one thing: landing a job at CNN as a political correspondent She’s set her goals towards the world of politics and has sworn off dating, relationships, and love, considering them unnecessary distractions- that is until she meets Quentin “Que” Santos. Que is the starting forward for the Capital City State Panthers. While he’s one of the more popular guys on campus, he’s quiet and mysterious in comparison to his very extroverted teammates. To call him handsome would be an understatement and his wealthy upbringing has afforded him the best of everything. What Que wants he usually gets, and what wants is Red. But Que has an inescapable past that comes back to bite him, and those around him- including Red. The moment that Red & Que cross paths it's obvious the sparks are there; what was meant to be a friendship quickly develops into something more. But their love starts to run too deep, dangerously deep. And soon, they find themselves interconnected in a love spiral that could cost them everything – including their lives.


    Author: Nicki Charest

    192 pages

    Publication Date: December 2017


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