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Every woman deserves a "but". Mark and Tove, the husband and wife recording artist, songwriter, producer duo Keys of Philadelphia share their collection of deeply personal poetry and prose inspired by their song and forthcoming EP. Tove divulges intimate details about their marriage, womanhood, abuse from a previous relationship, and her persistent journey to the other side of "but". but, a hip hop and womanist book, is an ode all women who have decided that every woman deserves love and that true love must be, first, found from within. The book is divided into four chapters: ?but war?but I am a woman?but sex?but love This is an insightful account of sex, love, intimacy, loss, abuse, redemption, and justice. It is a proclamation that there is beauty in healing, after overcoming heartbreak and pain.


    Author: Keys of Philadelphia

    244 pages

    Published: February 2020

    Publisher: Big Green Machine Group LLC


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