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God's So Great!!!

God's So Great!!!

SKU: 978-1723095078

Hey! My name is Larry Taylor, I’m 29 years old, born in Cleveland Ohio. I would like to share with you a little of my story. In 2012, the doctors told my family and I, that I only had 48 hours to live… BUT GOD!!! In 2013, I had a house fire, and my family and I lost everything… But God!!! In 2016, I Had brain surgery, and was diagnose with brain cancer… But God!!! 2018, I’m an inventor, I’ve created 4 business plans, I’m an Author, I’m a deans list student, I’m a 2018 college graduate, I’M A SURVIVOR!!! GOD’S SO GREAT!!!


I’m currently working on my prototype for my first invention and getting my patents/copyrights, working on promoting my book I just published in September 2018, working on my business plans, working on finding a team to prosper with, and thanking GOD EVERYDAY!!! On this journey I’ve learned a lot and connected with a lot of great people that has helped me out tremendously. I’m ready to bring my story out to the world to show GOD’S GLORY!!! I really could use some help on promoting my book and getting to the next level! He's that little bit of hope, when your backs' against the ropes, YO I made it (THANK YOU JESUS!!!), he's the Worlds' greatest (THANK YOU JESUS!!!). I just asked the lord to help me... GODS' SO GREAT!!! I just said in the name of JESUS... GODS' SO GREAT!!! GOD used my health problems to pull me out of the real storm, the storm/battle against myself; I was fighting and drowning myself… BUT GOD!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! My health problems was nothing compared to what i was doing to myself. God allowed me to see why I went through everything I did as a kid, teen, and a younger adult! Just know NO matter what you go through, GOD IS GUARANTEED!!


    Author: Larry Eugene Taylor Jr.

    70 pages

    Published: September 2018

    Independently Published


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