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Love Don't Love Me 2

Love Don't Love Me 2

SKU: 979-8650327349

Savonna finds herself battling depression and having panic attacks from the side effects of Adonis. Just when she thought she’d found her soulmate, she ended up broken-hearted and distraught! Once again defeated by love, she wants nothing more than to close up her heart! Unfortunately, her ticking biological clock and timeline nearing, she realizes that isn’t an option if she wants the things she always planned for her life.When the truth is revealed and the lie exposed, roles reverse between Samir and Jacobi. The lifelong bachelor tries his hand at love with Tamela while Samir is having a hard time holding onto his marriage with Cassey! If only he had remembered, ‘what’s done in the dark always comes to the light!’As it turns out, the key to John and Sky’s marriage was time away from their troublesome sons. No longer faking it to make it, their love is real and they are once again enjoying one another! Building their way to a solid foundation with the help of marriage counselor, Sky is slowly letting John take the lead as head of the household!Tragedy comes knocking when Serenity tries her hand at trifling! Newly divorced, her life begins spiraling out of control while playing with two demon seeds that share the same DNA! Sibling rivalry, tested love, ultimate betrayal––can the McMillians keep their strong family dynamic or will all be for naught?

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    Author: Stacey Fenner 

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