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Mafdet's Claws

Mafdet's Claws


For Mafdet, the territorial expansion by humans onto shifter land, the spread of capitalism and so-called democracy weren’t historical footnotes to be glossed over in the retelling of a nation’s formation but premeditated violence played out on a grand, bloody scale against shapeshifters.


Named after a feline deity of capital punishment, Mafdet only wanted a life of peace, quiet, and security. But glory often falls to the cruel and wicked instead of to the righteous and just. And so it was for the Nation of Swiftborne and the woman who would become its protector.

But resistance often comes at a great price. A price that not even Mafdet Rastaff, Great Cat of the Nation of Swiftborne, could anticipate.

What is a woman to do when everything she loves is threatened? Her husband and children. Her parents and friends. Her cheetah nation and allies.

Worse, what is a woman to do if all she loves is taken away?

Submit and Die?
Kill and Live?

  • Book Information

    Author: N.D. Jones
    Price: 13.99
    ISBN: 978-1735299846

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