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Married It's Complicated

Married It's Complicated

SKU: 978-1082037375

Paul and Kat Green are married with twins. They are an attractive couple with the house and cars to match. From the outside looking in, they are the perfect couple. It appears that they have it all. However, once you enter their lives you begin to see the brokeness. They are married but this marriage is one of complications. It is a marriage built on secrets, lies, and hurts. This inside look into their deepest thoughts uncover the past and present decisions they make. The book will leave you wanting to know more about their backgrounds and the circles of people they keep. Open this book to find out why it is complicated. It will have you picking and then switching sides. This book is a great conversation piece and perfect for your next book club discussion.


    Author: Maureen Mays

    150 pages

    Publication Date: August 2019


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