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New Haven Ratchet Business

New Haven Ratchet Business

SKU: 978-1539008910

There’s a lot that goes on in the small city of New Haven. Where the men have it their way, and prey on a woman’s weaknesses! Let me introduce you to the Bum Squad, which consists of Poncho, the ringleader, Rich, Quan, Mickey and Trey! Ladies, stay away from these types of men! Bums they are. They don’t work, but manage to have all their needs and wants supplied by the women that they choose to date! These five men have it all with nothing to give! Poncho is the dirtiest of them all, reeling women in, only to suck the life out of them, leaving them broken-hearted and confused! Rich, the washed up has-been finds himself stuck in a family affair that will have two cousins at each other’s throats! Quan, Mickey, and Trey seem to understand their lane. They’re not looking for much, just a place to lay their heads! Liz and Chris are archenemies, both having a history with the infamous Poncho! Poncho does Chris in, leaving her suicidal and bitter! Liz runs to the rescue to dig her out of the pit of hell that she’s mentally in! Dominique and Keisha will face off over Rich and his lies of deceit. A gullible Mika will find herself involved in the trifecta love affair, as she becomes victim to Rich and his lies! Find out what happens in the Ratchet New Haven Business.


    Author: Stacey Fenner

    170 pages

    Publication Date: September 2016

    Independently Published


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