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New Haven Ratchet Business 3

New Haven Ratchet Business 3

SKU: 978-1545127711

The Bum Squad hasn’t been the same since Rich and Quan began growing and realizing that there’s more to life than living off of women. While they are reaching for something better, the other three are looking from afar––still being the bums that they are! Poncho is like a disease that you can’t get rid of, the poison to a woman’s soul that sticks like glue. Running his same game, promising to turn over a new leaf and change his ways with no intention of doing either. He’s happy doing him and all the women in his life that he chooses to deceive, but not before adding to the list of women that are addicted to his long stroke! Chris is the happiest that she’s ever been in her life. She’s living the life that she always dreamed of, determined that nothing or no one will come and break up her happy home. Giving love another shot, Liz and Tyson are a match made in heaven. Like any other couple, things get a little rocky when Tyson gets tired and gets a little loose at the lips. Once again it becomes a battleground! Friendships will be tested, loyalty revoked, and relationships will crumble as New Haven becomes smaller than it already is!


    Author: Stacey Fenner

    162 pages

    Publication Date: April 2017

    Independently Published


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