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New Haven Ratchet Business 4

New Haven Ratchet Business 4

SKU: 978-1695153295

The Ratchetness in New Haven Continues! The bum Squad is living their best life all except Poncho, he hits an all-time low when his long stroke is no longer able to conquer his quest! His hitlist is running on E! Forcing him to make some decisions in his life! Will he change for the better or continue his manipulating lying ways? Chris is once again is left broken hearted and distraught by Poncho! Focused on putting the pieces of her life back together, her suicidal ways makes her turn to Tyson the only real friend that she feels she has! Can the now mother of two really be over Poncho? Tyson and Liz just can’t seem to get it together! As their relationship crumbles, Liz is torn between doing what’s right or letting Poncho sink! Is she going to help Poncho raise his baby at her own expense? Will her heart allow her to see the father of her children out in the streets? Read All About It! 


    Author: Stacey Fenner


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