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Struggling to keep your story straight? There's nothing worse than being super motivated to sit down and create your literary masterpiece only to have to waste time and effort chasing all the notes that you've written down in multiple places. As you search through notebooks, post-it pads, and the notes you've typed out on your phone, your motivation starts to turn into frustration, and that frustration can quickly turn into writer's block. You need a blueprint to put your book on the right path. Writing and self-publishing coach and Amazon Best-selling author Amanda Chambers brings you Plottin' & Plannin', a writing resource that takes your book from concept to completion. Plottin' & Plannin' is your blueprint for creating a solid fiction foundation, writing your manuscript, and preparing for its successful release. Perfect for any genre or experience level, you'll boost your productivity and put yourself in prime position to hit all your publishing deadlines. In Plottin' & Plannin' you’ll discover: -Book overview sheets for title, desired release date, projected costs, and other important information. -Key players sheets that allow you to compare and contrast the individuals you need to create your masterpiece, including but not limited to editors, graphic designers, and website designers. -Character sheets for creating complex main characters and supporting casts readers will connect with. -Settings sketch pages to visualize and bring life to key locations in your narrative. -Calendars to chart your narrative journey by week, month, and year to ensure consistent timelines. -Marketing and social media pages so you can plan an amazing book release and much, much more!

  • Book Information

    Authors: Amanda Chambers 

    Price: 15.99

    ISBN: 978-1-7340913-5-9

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