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Promises to Keep: A Story of Destiny

Promises to Keep: A Story of Destiny

SKU: 978-0578538013

Derrick Goodwin is a young Stanford Law graduate who, after trying one of the most high profile cases in the county, easily gains a reputation of being one of the most successful attorneys in the New England area. But he struggles with the direction of his career due to the borderline racist ways of his boss, Rich McEnroe, who won’t make him partner no matter his accomplishments.His profession as a respected litigator rarely trickles over into his personal life, as Derrick made an oath long ago to never date a client and risk his career after a previous incident almost cost him his license with the bar... that is until he meets Destiny, a troubled woman seeking counsel for a sexual harassment lawsuit against her employer.Destiny's beautiful face spells temptation, and the sexual tension between them is hard to resist. As they grow closer, Derrick begins to question all that he’s ever known, including his complicated sexual relationship with close friend and high school sweetheart Monica with whom he refuses to settle down . He comes to learn there is more to Destiny than what meets the eye, and soon he finds himself in a position where more than his oaths are tested.


    Author: Nicki Charest

    218 pages

    Publication Date: July 2019


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