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Rocking Cheyenne

Rocking Cheyenne


Free-spirited photographer Cheyenne Nighthorse is fun loving and easy going about almost everything . . . except the mysterious disappearance of one of her best friends, Violet. To Cheyenne, Violet is dead, plain and simple. Ember, Cheyenne’s best friend since childhood, disagrees with Cheyenne and is sure Violet is out there somewhere.  

Ember’s husband Cole enlists the help of his brother, Rock, and Cheyenne is forced to open wounds that she had worked so hard to heal. She directs her anger and frustration at what she considers to be the cause: Rock digging into Violet’s disappearance.

Rock Bainbridge is a very successful P.I. and he’s damn good at what he does, so when his brother and new sister-in-law appeal to him for assistance, he’s more than willing help out family. What he doesn’t account for is the smart mouth hostility he encounters from Cheyenne. He can’t stand a woman who doesn’t act like a lady. And Cheyenne is no lady.

When they are forced to work closely together to find Violet, Rock and Cheyenne discover that their bodies do not agree with the mental dislike they have created and keeping their hands to themselves proves to be difficult. Things get increasingly complicated when the past comes back to haunt them and Violet’s trail goes cold.  

Then, in the blink of an eye, a lone gunshot changes everything. Forever.


    Author: Serendipity

    151 pages

    Publication Date: August 2019


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