Secrets Revealed... The Beginning (The Jamie Reynolds Chronicles) (Book 2)

Secrets Revealed... The Beginning (The Jamie Reynolds Chronicles) (Book 2)


This new JR was nothing like her old self as she slowly regretted stepping outside of her comfort zone to let her guard down with Toni, and quickly understood why she had it up in the first place. JR was once a strong, independent woman, but now she couldn’t even look herself in the mirror without falling apart. After years of lies and now emotional abuse from Toni, who refused to let her go, she just couldn’t hold it all in, and finally her emotions started to get the best of her. JR tried to drink her problems away, which only made things worse, as she truly lost her direction. JR didn’t have many friends and was so embarrassed at her life’s direction she tried to pretend she was okay, but her true friends knew better. This included David, her past lover, but things just weren’t the same between them. Then her life unexpectedly came crashing down after her friendship with Terry took a turn for the worse. One by one JR not only lost her old friends, but she also lost her way, which led JR to seek help. Jenny was JR’s saving grace, and after diving deep into her past, she finally began to uncover the hidden secrets of the real JR. Secrets even JR hid from herself. As Jenny encouraged JR to let her guard down yet again and explore dating, she met Mike, a twenty-five-year-old young professional who was nothing like Toni or David. He was educated, had a thriving career, and truly supported JR even after watching the drama unfold between Toni and her, but he never ran, and JR appreciated his strength. Lust and Lies was just the beginning as The Jamie Reynolds Chronicles continues and JR is faced with the newest chapter in her life, a life full of questionable memories into her past, present and future self

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    Author: Cassandra Charles

    Price: $14.99

    ISBN: 1537494023