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The 716 Back to Business

The 716 Back to Business

SKU: 978-1796513271

It is business as usual for the ladies of The 716. After the loss of their best friend and sister Ayanna, things are slowly moving forward for these 3 best friends. Anika is loving her life with Aaron. With a baby on the way, nothing is going to stop her from having the life she always dreamed of. Aaron and Anika are planning to get married shortly after she gives birth. There is only one thing standing in their way, and let’s just say both Anika and Aaron will have to deal with their past before they can ever have a future together.

Monica is still lovin’ and leading men on. But when an unexpected sexual encounter leads to Monica catching feelings, how will she respond? Will she let love in or keep playing the field and coming up empty-handed?  

Yazz returns to Buffalo, and this homecoming has a dark side. Running away with Jay proved to be the worst and best experience of her life. It drew them closer together, but it also changed Yazz and her outlook on the street game. Will Yazz and Jay’s love be enough to weather the storm that is brewing or is it time for Yazz to step out on her own?

With Yazz’s return to Buffalo, NY you know Jay and Que are not far behind. But as usual family business comes first. With Que’s new role in the FAM’s Dynasty, will he have time to right his wrongs with Anika and still take care of business? Will Jay be able to hold on to Yazz and make good on his promise to leave the streets and the FAM behind or is it too late?

Things are heating up in The 716! Buffalo, NY has never been hotter as the lives of these characters take you back to the streets of the mid-1990s. Filled with drama, good music and memories of an era long gone, The 716 Back to Business delivers!


    Author: A. A. Lewis

    348 pages

    Publication Date: February 2019

    Publisher: D&S Publishing


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