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The 716 Ladies First

The 716 Ladies First

SKU: 978-1701651685

The 716 Ladies First is the final instalment in The 716 Book Series, but that doesn’t stop Anika and her girls from steppin up and handling business. Anika has taken her rightful place as head of The FAM. Priority number one Get Que and Jay out of jail and find out who’s making trouble for the family business before things get out of control.


Yazz and Monica are learning their news roles within The FAM Empire. Living the street life is easier said than done, but with the help of Sleepy, Anika’s cousin, business has never been better. Anika has changed things around and The FAM’s operation is thriving under her rule. But all Anika wants is Que home safe and sound. With the trial on the horizon and a secret witness helping the police, will the crew be able to figure things out before it is too late?Will Anika and Que have the happily ever after they deserve? Will Yazz and Jay’s love be enough to move forward and conquer their current state? Will Monica and Sleepy give in to temptation and let nature take its course? Or will the streets claim another member of the crew? How far will Anika go to protect her family and can she handle the consequences of being at the Top of the FAM Empire?


Things continue to heat up in The 716. The streets of Buffalo, NY are alive and thriving as the music of the late 90’s and early 2000’s close out this final chapter of this urban drama. Will love win overall or will they each have to choose between the two. It’s the ultimate battle, Love vs The Streets, Happily Ever After vs Money. Anika, Que, Yazz, Jay, Monica and Sleepy all have one final showdown and the streets are calling. Find out how it all ends in this final instalment of The 716 Series.


    Author: A. A. Lewis

    175 pages

    Publication Date: January 2020

    Publisher: D&S Publishing


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