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The Commandments of a Female Hustler

The Commandments of a Female Hustler

SKU: 978-1532711718

Meet the well-known trio, Lala, Binky and Jay, who been rocking and rolling together since their childhood days. Raised in the projects these three had only one thing on their minds, the come up! These ladies will show you how to use what you got to get what you want! What starts out as ‘may the best woman win’ ends in a rage of jealousy, dividing the three. After such a betrayal, can their relationship be fixed? What happens when the commandments are no longer followed? One will find love, one will end up behind bars, and one’s mind is sick and twisted! Swift, Jock, and Moose have the east side of Baltimore locked down with the drug game, but stuff gets twisted when there’s a murder involved. When relationships fail, sex, lies and love take over. Their loyalty towards one another will be tested in the worst way. Rivals will meet, love will be found and hearts will be changed as the hustler game is taken to a whole new level of disrespect! Who will be the sell out?


    Author: Stacey Fenner

    206 pages

    Publication Date: April 2016

    Independently Published


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