NeChelle is a beautiful woman who has lived her life in a shell. She’s now reached a point in her life where she is learning and exploring her sexuality more. Her world is growing in many ways as she begins to experience passion and satisfaction in a whole new way. 

After realizing she’s not going through this sexual revolution alone, she decides invite her friends over for a sister circle with a twist. Each woman represents someone different: the wild child, the curiously shy, the reserved lady, and the brave soul jumping in feet first. 

This exploration is more than just about one single woman. As the friends talk, stories of past and present come together and the women realize that their similarities far outweigh their differences. Minds are opened, adventurous spirits are born, and each woman leaves inspired to continue her journey to explore herself on a whole new level.

The Exploration of Her

SKU: B078J3YG74
  • Author: Michelle Warren

    85 pages

    Publication Date: December 2017

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