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The Life & Legacy of Lear Green

The Life & Legacy of Lear Green

SKU: 978-0578573038

I WAS SCARED...After learning about my Godmother's health condition and the recommended course of treatment at 95 years old I knew that my Godmother's story needed to be told and without having biological children I feared that her legacy would be lost. With that being said, it was no better time to formally write the story of Lear Green to share her life with the world and to also begin my healing process as Godmother would not live forever. This story follows Lear from her birth, through the civil rights movement, the changes and tests of marriage for over 60 years, almost a century of technology changes to the here and now. This book depicts the impact of faith and how it has helped Lear overcome a life of poverty to her current status of "not wanting for anything."


    Author: Symoné Miller

    54 pages

    Publication Date: September 2016

    Publisher: Divine Legacy Publishing, LLC


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