Tinder Love and Care (The Jamie Reynolds Chronicles) (Book 6)

Tinder Love and Care (The Jamie Reynolds Chronicles) (Book 6)


Jamie—now over thirty, single, healed and all settled into her new life—is slowly being pressured to start dating again, but after years of a negative dating past, she is slow to give it a try, especially since dating is not like it used to be. And as much as she thinks she’s ready, something from her past reminds her she isn’t, and the fear of failing yet again and settling in another relationship starts clouding her better judgment, so no one fits the bill. Jamie—now uninterested and overwhelmed, with a short tolerance for the dating pool—quickly realizes life isn’t much fun solo, so she explores online dating, but she is totally out of her league. Tender, Love and Care is all Jamie is truly looking for, but the road to finding balance and compatibility is challenging especially since men are wiser now and the dating game is at an all new level. She quickly tries to learn the dating games as she stays hopeful for a happily ever after. And as soon as she stops stressing, she meets RaShawn. RaShawn shares a similar story to Jamie, married his high school sweetheart, but later divorced after he found out she cheated on him. One would think two broken souls would provide comfort in one another; since the shoe is on the other foot, Jamie felt RaShawn’s pain, but since he never healed from his breakup, it’s more than Jamie can bear. Tinder, Love and Care is the final book in the Jamie Reynolds Chronicles as Jamie’s quest to find balance and rise above the haters and naysayers as she reclaims her independence and her sanity. In this final book, Jamie closes old and new doors in her life; she reflects on life as a whole and begins to make peace with the ups and downs, twist and turns called the Jamie Reynolds Chronicles as she tries to rewrite not just her past but her present self.

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    Author: Cassandra Charles

    Price: 14.99

    ISBN: B08762T46M