Too Good To Be True? (The Jamie Reynolds Chronicles) (Book 4)

Too Good To Be True? (The Jamie Reynolds Chronicles) (Book 4)


Some say it’s better to have loved and lost than not to love at all? But when love can cost you your peace of mind, you wonder if it is all worth it in the end. Just as Jamie Reynolds, aka JR, feels as if life is as perfect as it can be—new home, good friends, good job, amazing man, and money in the bank—she comes to notice it is just Too Good To Be True as one by one she unravels the truths behind this so-called Perfect Life. No one saw it coming, including JR. She knows no relationship is perfect as she struggles to keep herself together and slowly realizes it’s all full of lies, and it’s becoming a battle she may not be able to win as she gets hit with unexpected twist after twist that will turn her world upside down. Love, or the lack of it, can make people do stupid things, as JR tries to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare for this phase in her life, but the aftermath of her new reality may drive her back to an old fling just to feel loved again. But is this what JR truly wants and needs right now in her life? Watch as JR stumbles to find inner peace after losing it all, which can turn any strong, sane woman crazy as she battles with stress and self-hate all because it was just Too Good To Be True.

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    Author: Cassandra Charles

    Price: $14.99