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As She Ascends (Fallen Isles, Bk 2)

As She Ascends (Fallen Isles, Bk 2)


Mira the Dragonhearted is on the run with her friends following a fiery escape from the prison where she’d been condemned for speaking out against dragon trafficking.

And she wants answers. Has the treaty she’s been defending her whole life truly sold out the Fallen Isles to their enemies? Did her own parents lie to her? Will she lose control of her power and hurt the ones she loves?

The only way to find the truth is to go home again, to face the people who betrayed her and the parents she’s not sure she can trust. Home, where she must learn to rise above her fears. Or be consumed.

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    Author: Jodi Meadows

    Price: $17.99

    ISBN: 9780062469434

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