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Beauty Of The Edge

Beauty Of The Edge


Growing up in the shadow of her famous mother, Melina struggled with being less than perfect in the eyes of a woman considered by most to be the very definition of beautiful. Never measuring up to her looks, and never living up to the last name Beauty, Melina was tormented by a mother who saw her as unworthy of being her daughter, leaving Melina to carry both the emotional and physical scars of her less than ideal upbringing. Melina would eventually find her calling in law enforcement, rising to the ranks of lead Homicide Detective for the Perivale Police Department. Her mission was to give the city someone to believe in, who would defend them in the name of justice, and not based on the way they looked. Still haunted by the memories of her upbringing and living in the shadow of Makena Beauty, Melina finds herself thrown down the rabbit hole when a Homicide leaves her stunned by the body she finds under the white sheet. Digging deeper, Melina uncovers a deadly secret in Perivale, which puts her badge to the test, has her questioning loyalties, all while dealing with the judgements of a perfect mother who looks to control her life.

  • Book Information

    Author: Terrance Watkins
    Price: 15.00
    ISBN: 979-8673295472

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