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Can You Stand The Rain

Can You Stand The Rain

SKU: 057857800X

Can you imagine being hurt by people you thought you could trust? Do you know what it feels like to be homeless and go from house to house? Do you know what it’s like growing up with a father that was addicted to drugs and how he allowed drugs to destroy his father and daughter relationship? What does it feel like to never have your father rescue you from the hurt? Have you ever had to bury multiple family members in a two year span? This was my life.Growing up in West Baltimore I faced many challenges in life. Even though the challenges were there, I hid it well by smiling through the pain. From being mentally and physically abused by the love of my life. To having those I trusted the most stab me in the back. My life was no fairy tale. I’m not perfect, but I refused to stay stuck in the same place. The transformation wasn’t easy, but this is what coming out on the inside of struggling looks like. I’m walking in victory and no devil can defeat me because God holds my hand. I’m saying GOODBYE to the old me and HELLO to the new me.


    ISBN: 057857800X
    Price: 20.00
    Author: Lashae Stevenson 
    Title: Can you Stand the rain? 



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