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Concrete King

Concrete King

SKU: 978-1984994110

For Kayla Jackson owning her own business was always her dream.  She put all her time, energy, and focus on becoming self-made and independent.  All this independence cost Kayla her social life and a woman as beautiful and young as she should never be alone.  But one night a chance meeting would change her life completely. Deon Carmichael has spent most of his life searching for the right woman. A woman that was strong, beautiful, independent, and that would love him no matter what obstacles they faced.  Being incredibly handsome and wealthy was sometimes a gift and a curse when real intentions are concerned.  When Kayla and Deon meet by chance it was love at first sight.  A whirlwind romance took them both by surprise.  Kayla never thought she could find a man that was her equal in every way.  Deon was attractive, wealthy, intelligent, and a porn star in bed.  He was Baltimore’s Most Eligible bachelor and Kayla had his eye.  So, when tragedy strikes, Kayla is made to take a closer look at the man of her dreams the truth becomes too much.  What reasons did she have to be suspicious if he loves her and he’s everything she’s ever wanted and needed in a man? Nothing could ever tear her away from what she wanted the most; she was a Queen who would do anything for her KING!


    Author: Alana Simone

    314 pages

    Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


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