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For Her Love

For Her Love

SKU: 978-1951271046

Love is a lyrical beat that encapsulates both hearts with a shared rhythm. For aspiring artist Aiya Jones, there was no other man in this world that inspired her creativity more than Ahmad Sanders –The bad boy of R&B himself. But when they shared a workplace she was all but invisible to his overinflated ego.A chance meeting between Aiya and Ahmad, and a fake relationship proposal gives flame to their desires. But will the battle between the man he is in the public eye, and the man with so much potential she sees away from the spotlight be too much for her to withstand? For Ahmad-- his rough childhood and sudden rise to fame has sent his life into a tailspin of epic proportions. But with the love of a good woman things could all turn around. Too bad his latest relationship is all a set-up for the paparazzi…or is it? Will their love be strong enough to survive in the glare of public perception?


    Author: DaKiara

    Illustrator: Carrie Co.

    68 pages

    Published: September 2019

    Publisher: Mind Flow Publishing and Production LLC


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