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Love Don't Love Me

Love Don't Love Me

SKU: 978-1674775906

Meet the Mcmillians! This close knit family seems like they have it all together. Sky, Samir, Serenity, and Savonna all come from two very religious parents. They were raised with high standards, morals, and values! What goes on behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors! Sky the oldest of them all, has built this illusion of her picture perfect family!. Married to her long time husband John, raising two young men who are everything but saints! Sky vows to keep up with the image and facade of being happily married! What looks good on the outside doesn’t match what’s going on the inside! Samir is a prime example of a superficial man. Cassey looks good on the arm but beauty is only temporary when a woman doesn’t have much to offer other than that! Samir is neglected and under appreciated by his gold digging wife who refuses to lift a finger other than shop! If only he could go back to his college days and un-wife his wife! Serenity, the rebellious one, walks to her own beat! The only rules she follows are her own. A repeat offender of being addicted to the bad boy, laced with the opposite of her sisters’ and brother. Married to her ex-convict Gary, struggling mother of three gets quite fed up with her jobless husband! Savonna the successful Attorney at law, has it all together, easy on the eye, self-sufficient, confidant, seems to have it all but the one thing she longs for! Love, Marriage, and a family of her own! All she seems to encounter are failed relationships and broken promises! She can’t find Mr. Right if her life depended on it! Feeling defeated until she runs into Mr. Adonis who gives her hope of a healthy future and longevity! Could he be the one? All the Mcmillians in their own right have the right to say!Love Don’t Love Me!  

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    Author: Stacey Fenner 

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