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New Haven Ratchet Business 2

New Haven Ratchet Business 2

SKU: 978-1542798990

With no intentions of letting any of his women down, no other man can top the swag of Mr. Poncho. He is for sure putting it on the ladies. He can duck and dodge his way out of any situation and now that is being put to the test. Find out what happens when his lies become his truth and he finds himself planning two weddings at the same time. Chris tries her best to move on and suppress her feelings for Poncho. While the dating scene seems like the right thing to do to occupy her mind, she will find herself running into plenty of brick walls! Weak to Poncho and his long stroke, he’s coming on strong and has her believing that he’s been reformed to be everything that she has ever wanted in a man. Will she believe him and leave all her insecurities in the past? Liz and Tyson’s relationship is tested once again when friendships play a very big part. Tyson finds himself running in second place, while Liz is too consumed with her friends and not him. Will Liz choose her needy friends over Tyson or will she choose him? Rich tries his hardest to prove his love for Dominique and repair the marriage that he messed up, unfortunately it looks like he's in it by himself, and Dominique has already checked out. However, juggling his triangle of love affairs comes with unexpected surprises! Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse…


    Author: Stacey Fenner

    184 pages

    Publication Date: January 2017

    Independently Published


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