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New Haven Ratchet Business 5

New Haven Ratchet Business 5

SKU: 978-1089321712

This is the finale of the New Haven Ratchet Business Series!It’s getting serious in New Haven as the Bum Squad decides to run an illegal afterhours for a come up! Rich tries to warn them, all money ain’t good money! Poncho uses the afterhour as a cover up for his women, there are more babies to come and more women on his hit list! When will he learn? Rich has thrown in his player card, he makes a conscious decision to give up on women forever! Being by himself gives him peace of mind!Chris finally runs into a decent man that loves and adores her but is he enough to take away her itch from Poncho? Sweet old Liz decides to try her hand at the dating scene, read to see if she finds her happily ever after!


    Author: Stacey Fenner


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