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Rhythm and Blue Skies: Malcolm and Sky's Complete Story

Rhythm and Blue Skies: Malcolm and Sky's Complete Story

SKU: 978-1732556713

The Styles of Love Trilogy: Malcolm and Sky Books 1 & 2


In our hearts lie the power to love, forgive, and grow, if only we have the strength to awaken them.The Perks of Higher Ed: An Office Romance (Book 1)When met with Dr. Malcolm Styles’ warm charm and inviting sense of humor, Sky finds herself wanting things she never considered were missing from her life. While an office romance is dangerously out of her comfort zone, Malcolm challenges Sky in ways that shape her as not only an individual but as an educator. However, with her past carried so closely behind her, Sky realizes it will take more than a handsome face to free herself from its grasp.The Wish of Xmas Present: A Christmas Romance (Book 2)As love blooms and familial bonds are forged, the spirit of the season welcomes us home and offers us a chance to dream. Dr. Malcolm Styles and Dr. Sky Ellis’s whirlwind office romance, a sexy perk of higher ed, has swept them off their feet. Now that the winds of change have settled, Malcolm and Sky find, as the Christmas holiday approaches, a chance to make a deeper connection.


    Author: N. D. Jones

    387 pages

    Published: January 2019

    Kuumba Publishing


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