The Essence Of Exposure

The Essence Of Exposure

SKU: 9781456768218

The Essence Of Exposure

by  Beverly Pettiford 

Adrianna, the main character opens the story by explaining to her best friend and beau why she is skeptical about attending her mother's funeral. She also explains who killed the villain (Carl) and why. The Essence Of Exposure explores the lives, loves and losses of the Risingsun family that lives in Oleander and Tyler. Adrianna reminisces about the shocking details of her experiences and that of her siblings. At a very young age she became the matriarch to her siblings. The fathers were not around during their developmental years. The mother (Inez) was absent emotionally due to drinking, drugging and whatever else she could do to keep her mind off reality. Despite its shabby yet well-scrubbed surface, this multi-generational family contains many secrets that have been kept in the closet for generations. One great secret is that Adrianna and her sister (Ronnie) were impregnated at an early age. Adrianna and one sibling (Teddy) cut Inez off from their lives. Another sibling (Robert) the "favorite child" seems to not have any problems with his mother. Yet, in an ironic twist of karma, they still remain drawn to Inez as a result of unforeseen circumstances. From love, their grandparents, uncle and aunts provide an enrichment of answers to some of the secrets that have been kept in the family for generations. The moral of the story is that no matter how dark life becomes, there's always a brighter side. If you look for the brightness, it will find you. This novel is a mixture of drama and suspense. But it also supplies the reader with humor and knowledge that love can conquer all. especially when your life is the essence of exposure.

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