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They Told Me to Love My Abuser

They Told Me to Love My Abuser


They Told Me to Love My Abuser is based on a true story and depicts the effects of growing up in an abusive household through the lens of a child, Angie. While attending therapy as an adult to deal with her dating relationship, Angie’s therapist, Dr. Mitchell, reveals that her issues stem from a deeper trauma. After a series of calculated questions, Dr. Mitchell determines that Angie’s relationship struggles are correlated to her violent and tumultuous past, which has been kept a family secret. 
Not realizing she has “daddy issues,” Angie becomes overwhelmed as she vividly flashes back to her childhood and relives the abusive events that shaped her. The story outlines Angie’s journey in dealing with her past, identifying her triggers, and self-reflecting on how past events shaped her self-esteem. Through the healing process, Angie discovers how to set healthy boundaries, build meaningful relationships, and love herself unconditionally. 

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